Congratulations to the following students on being selected for the 2018-19 ACHS Color Guard:

Chelsea Felks, Zoe Henderson, Maddy McLemore, Anna Nowell, Maggie Rushing, Marlee Seals, Chaney Voyles, Maegan Williams

ACHS Band Competition Schedule for 2018-19:


2017-18 ACHS Marching Band

  • Drum Major: Chloe Hatfield
  • Color Guard: Adrianna Lentz, Caitlyn Jones, Chaney Voyles, Kristen Crum, Maddy McLemore, Ryan Borders
  • Flutes: Caitlyn Chambers, Hannah Leatherwood, Katelyn Whittemore
  • Clarinets: Olyvia Clayton, Carlee McCarter, Jasmine Farr
  • Bass Clarinet: Alyssa Cornelius
  • Alto Saxophones: Justin Cornelius, Taylor McLemore, Tritney Crum, Austin Burcham, C. J. Morgan
  • Tenor Saxophone: Will Poindexter
  • Trumpets:C. J. McLemore, A. K. Logue, Lea Cartee, Chaz Burcham, Nicholas Chambers
  • Trombone: Shannon Brown, Melanie McCalister, Autumn Selph
  • Baritones: Zachary Saine
  • Tuba: Austin Yager
  • Tenors: Alisha Brooks
  • Snare: Bradlee Bingham
  • Bass Drums: Levi Williams, Austin Bassett, Jackson Turner
  • Cymbals: Toby Wiginton
  • Pit Percussion: Jade Wiley, Mia Mallard, Tatum Lancaster, Tyler Laier

ACHS Band Creed

Today, I will be the best that I can be.

I believe in myself and in my band.

I will always give my best effort in rehearsal and performance.

I will promote a positive attitude in everything I do.

I will respect myself, my directors, and my band.

I will always help my band strive for success.

Today, WE will be the best that we can be...