2017 - 2018 KHS FBLA Chapter Sponsors

Special Thanks to the local businesses for helping to make Kossuth FBLA a success!

Platinum Chapter Sponsors- 

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(Agent: Steven Eaton)
(662) 287-0113
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Gold Chapter Sponsors-

(Agent: Penn Majors) (662) 287-3911

(Agent: Stacy Mitchell)
(662) 287-5265

(Agent: Roy Tucker)
(662) 286-3002

(Agent: Danny Crozier)
(662) 286-6329
(Dr. George Cain)
(662) 286-0976

New Study Materials (Middle Level Included)
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FBLA Tests
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Competitive Events Reference Guide
(Gives examples of performances)
Click Here

FBLA Format Guide
(Explains how things should be formatted for competitions)
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FBLA Competitive Events Manual
(How you will be judged, what you have to do etc...)
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FBLA Competitive Events Topics (2017)
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Study Materials for Competition

(There are multiple pages of quizlets already created by FBLA users, advisors, and groups that you can use to study for your competition. Be sure to check the different pages because there are many different ones.)

Test Frenzy
(Check out this site in order to find tests that were used in the past. Up to 30% of the questions are reused on the tests that you will take so you might actually get to see many of the questions you'll see on the tests.)

Check the study guides and other links

(This will take you to our files page on the school website. I have created many links to study guides, links, and materials for different competitions)