The Lady Bear Volleyball team performed very well during the 2019-2020 season. They won their FIFTH consecutive division title and went on to play in the MHSAA Volleyball State Playoffs - Final Four. 

Congratulations to the 2019-2020 Volleyball Team
4Annabeth ParrishFr.
5Sydney HowieLFr.5-2
9Mia GriffinOHSo.5-6
10Baleigh VanderfordSSr.5-7
15Taylor BrazilRSSo.5-6
20Alaynna ChildersRS, OHJr.5-7
21Amelia LancasterSFr.5-4
25Lauren YoungOH, MHSr.5-10
30Emma Kate DavisOH, DS, RSSo.5-6
47Atalie Kate LogueMH, MBSr.5-9
Cayleigh ShipmanOH, MHFr.5-8
Ivy MirabellaFr.
Mady CorneliusDSFr.5-3
Maggie CrumSFr.5-5
Makensie KingMHSo.5-9
Marlee McAlisterMHFr.5-8



Awwad, Joleen 

Grade 9 
Barnes, Brianna  Grade 11
Burnett, Madison Grade 11
Clark, Phoenix Grade 11
Cornelius, Madison Grade 11
Daprich, LaurenGrade 10 

Hammock, Janna 

Grade 9
Harmon, Morgan Grade 9 
Lancaster, Tess  Grade 9

Lassiter, Autumn

Grade 10
Leatherwood, Danielle Grade 11 

Moore, Kaitland 

Grade 9
Potts, Julianna Grade 10
Robbins, Mary Fran Grade 11

Smith, Olivia 

Grade 11

Vanderford, Baleigh 

Grade 9
Wigginton, Kaylee Grade 9 

Wigginton, Malory 

Grade 11
Wilson, Olivia Grade 11
Young, Lauren Grade 9