What is 1:1 iPad Initiative?

1:1 is a program being implemented in the Alcorn School District (ASD). Students in grades 11-12 will receive an iPad. ASD recognizes that access to technology in school gives students greater opportunities to learn, engage, communicate and develop skills that will prepare them for work, life and citizenship.

We are committed to helping students develop progressive technology and communication skills through the 1:1 iPad Initiative. The vision and plan moving forward is to grow support and expertise to the point that we can expand the program to 9th-10th grades in the near future.

Is there a fee to participate in the 2019-2020 program? What will fees be used for?

Yes, this year’s delayed rollout provides your student a device for $25.00. The annual, non-refundable 1:1 technology fee for each student may see an increase for the 2020-2021 SY as devices will be available to students for the entire year.

Fees will be used to offset ASD costs for rollout, the possibility of future growth into 9th-10th grades, repairs, initial purchase of support materials, and the Canvas Learning Management System. Simply put, fees are used to support the 1:1 iPad Student Learning Initiative, sustainability and future growth.

Please refer to the Technology Handbook for cost per occurrence.

Does every student have to participate in the 1:1 iPad Initiative?

Every 11th-12th grade student will be required to participate in the initiative. Class assignments cannot be completed without a school issued device.

There is no substitute for a quality classroom teacher. Teachers with the most up-to-date technology may help their students by providing equitable access to learning through the 1:1 iPad Initiative.

What if we already own a device and want to use it?

In grades where students are issued an iPad by the ASD, students will not be allowed to use their personal devices in place of the ASD iPad. The goal of the 1:1 initiative is to provide every student the same device with the same programs and safeguards/filters in place. Therefore, the use of personal devices is not a viable alternative to a ASD provided device.

What happens if my child does not bring his/her iPad to school?

The student will be responsible for having someone bring their device to them at school. Loaner iPads may be available for checkout depending on the situation. Repeated occurrences will be subject to school disciplinary procedures.

What happens if my child does not bring the iPad to school charged?

Students are responsible for making sure they charge their devices nightly. Students may have their own small portable charging device or a backup charger with them at school. Repeated occurrences will be subject to school disciplinary procedures.

Can my child bring a portable charging device to be used during class?

Yes, a student may bring a small personal portable charging device and utilize it during instructional time when given permission.

Will students be able to access any website once they leave the campus?

No, the Internet filter provided by ASD will continue to filter on and off campus. Children’s Internet Protection Act (CIPA) requires our network to be restricted of online content. No filter is guaranteed to provide 100% safety at all times. ASD does its best to ensure that our students are not exposed to undesirable content. Social media access after school is allowable and may be granted at designated times only.

What accounts will each student have?

Students in grades 11-12 who have iPads and other grades have CANVAS (Learning Management System) accounts provided by the ASD.

If you have additional questions, please call (662) 286-5591 and ask to speak with Travis Smith.