We are so excited about the things we are seeing at ACES as our staff and students embrace and implement the Capturing Kids' Hearts (CKH) vision.  Our classes have developed their social contracts, share Good Things everyday, are learning how to help each other focus on the classroom community mindset, and so much more.  Ask your kiddos about Capturing Kids' Hearts!

Each month CKH focuses on a different word for character development.  This month's word is empathy.  Empathy is being able to understand how someone else feels.  Mrs. Angela, our school counselor, has been coming into our classrooms to teach our students about empathy.  We are so grateful to have Mrs. Angela.  How can you help? Talk to your child at home about empathy.  Ask them what they have learned about empathy.  Most importantly, model empathy.

We are so proud that our fourth grade teachers were featured in the first Social Emotional Learning (SEL) district newsletter for the things they are doing to launch their kiddos each afternoon and weekend.  Great job, 4th grade team.  Check it out in the photo.