We WANT to help!

During the next few weeks, we will post different tutorial videos, helpful hints, and important information to help you transition to a distance learning environment. The Alcorn School District also has a very informational page with details and videos to help students and teachers. Student videos will be added very soon! 

Distance Learning Initiative

But in the mean time, should you need IMMEDIATE help, please feel free to use the following links to sign up for an appointment with Mrs. Myra Barnes. She can help with Canvas issues, logging in, troubleshooting, submitting documents, and other basic technology needs. 

You will need to download the Microsoft Teams App on iPad/cell phone, or from computer, go to teams.microsoft.com to login. Use your school email/password to login.

Example student login: 

johnsmith56@students.alcornschools.org (last 2 of lunch#)

password: Js123456 (cap first initial, last initial, last six of lunch#)

Student Help

If you have any questions, or if you have difficulty signing up for an appointment, please contact Myra Barnes at mbarnes@alcornschools.org.