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Mrs. Myra Barnes

Senior Tux & Drapes - September 20, 21, 22

Please read the following document very carefully, regarding guidelines for your tux (males) and drape (females).

Tux & Drape FAQ from Mr. Donnie Bates

What to wear under the tux/drape:

Males: light colored t-shirt, and be sure to SHAVE!

Females: YOU MUST wear a spaghetti-strap or small tank underneath the drape. The drape does not cover much. This will alleviate the need for a dressing room and save time. Wear a button-up shirt over the tank for your appointment. You will slide bra and tank straps down to expose shoulders and put drape on.

*NOTE: Females, please make sure your face is not shiny. He can fix any acne, imperfection, scars, etc., but fixing shine is very difficult.

Be sure to come see Mrs. Barnes to pick up a picture envelope. You must bring these the day of pictures.

  • Arrive early

  • Be patient if we get a bit behind schedule. 

  • Mr. Donnie Bates is a professional and will do an amazing professional job. 

  • Please bring envelope and money

  • $20 sitting fee for everyone (includes 5x7)

  • If you purchase a package, there is no sitting fee.

Use the following calendar links to book your appointments. Be sure to book the correct FEMALE or MALE calendar!

*APPOINTMENTS ARE FIRST COME, FIRST SERVED! Please book ASAP for your preferred time!