ASD @ Alcorn County Fair

This week, something amazing happened at the Alcorn County Fair! Special needs students from the Alcorn School District got to have an exciting day at the fair, specially designed just for them.

Usually, the fair can be super crowded. On Thursday, however, the fair Board of Directors decided to make it special. They opened the fair only to special needs students from our area. The students had a blast riding the fair's exciting rides, playing games, visiting the petting zoo, and watching the shows. There were lots of smiles and laughter as they enjoyed the day with their friends and teachers. The fair Board of Directors didn't stop with just opening for a special day. They also provided lunch for every student and teacher who came to the fair!

ASD Special Education Director Snookey Boren said, “this day is such an important opportunity for our students to get to visit with their peers from other schools, practice the life skills they learn in our classrooms, interact with our community in a ‘judgement free zone,’ and, most importantly, to just have fun!”

ASD Superintendent Brandon Quinn wanted to offer a special word of thanks to the Fair Board of Directors and Sponsors for inviting and providing lunch for our students.

This special day at the Alcorn County Fair truly showed how caring and thoughtful our community can be. ASD students had an awesome time, and so did the teachers. Everyone left with happy hearts and wonderful memories.