CS4MS Family Night

4th Graders from across the Alcorn School District came together with their families last week to learn more about coding at the SCRATCH CODING NIGHT. 

Families and students met with administrators and representatives from Mississippi State University at the Northeast Mississippi-Corinth Campus on Monday evening. As part of the activities, families learned a bit about what students do each week in their CS4MS (Computer Science for Mississippi) classes. CS4MS teachers and 4th grade academic teachers were all on hand to meet families, discuss information, and work through the different challenges together. 

Students had the opportunity to 'show off' some of their coding skills to their family members as they programmed various robots to complete challenges and created electronic content on ipads. Families learned about the crucial role technology and coding will potentially play in their child's future. 

The Alcorn School District appreciates all the families and district staff who came out to make the SCRATCH CODING NIGHT a success!