ACTC STEAM Summit 2023

4th grade students from across the Alcorn School District attended a STEAM Summit hosted at the ACTC this week. STEAM Summit leader, Mrs. Nan Nethery, planned the event to help 4th grade students gain a better understanding of how the studies of science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics impact their world. “The STEAM Summit also gave every ASD 4th grader the opportunity to have an early glimpse into career and technical education. Through hands-on engagement, each student experienced activities directly related to programs offered at the ACTC,” said Nethery.

Upon arrival at the ACTC, students were divided into four groups; the Knights of Knowledge, the Brainy Bunch, Incredible Innovators, & Legendary Learners. Within these groups, students explored Science in the “Adventures in Anatomy” station, Technology & Engineering with “Rumbling Robots,” Art in the “Mad about Science Laboratory,” & Math in “Mincey’s marketplace.”

In each station, students were given challenges to complete. Over the course of the event, students learned how a human gastrointestinal system processes food, how to use robots to move items, how to budget and spend money to provide for everyday wants and needs, and how mixing typical household items can create a very fun scientific compound! ACTC students from all three ASD high schools were on hand to lead the younger students through each activity and aide in their learning. ACTC Director John Anderson pointed out, “our high school students served in leadership roles where they could use the skills they have learned in their classes to help teach and guide our younger students.”

To round out the event’s activities, ACTC students hosted a live-animal petting zoo, served snacks, and gave ACTC program tours to all 4th grade students. Nethery added, “this was an excellent way for our ACTC students to strengthen their communication skills as well as encourage the younger students to consider Career & Technical Education in their future.”