ASD SPARK Christmas 2023

Monday night was a special evening filled with joy and festive spirit as the Alcorn School District SPARK (Special People Advocating for Remarkable Kids) hosted their 2023 Christmas event. This heartwarming occasion took place at the NEMCC-Corinth Campus and brought together a community dedicated to supporting special needs students.

 Ed Prep students from ACTC played a crucial role in making the event magical. Dressed as elves, they assisted children in decorating cookies, engaged them in playful games, and helped create ornaments, turning the night into a memorable experience. Educator volunteers played an essential role, not only in providing snacks but also in facilitating various activities that brought smiles to the faces of the participating children. 

Of course, no Christmas event is complete without a visit from Santa Claus. The jolly man in red was present, spreading cheer and taking pictures with the children, creating timeless memories for both the young ones and their families.

Beyond the festive activities, the event served as a platform for numerous community resource groups to share valuable information with parents. These organizations included AbilityWorks Corinth, MS Department of Rehabilitation Services, Region IV Mental Health Services, Millcreek of Pontotoc, Hope Enrichment Center, and Mrs. Jamie Bryant. Their presence ensured that families had access to resources and information crucial for the well-being of their special needs children.

Additionally, the Biggersville High School Athletic Boosters, ASD SPED Director Snookey Boren, ASD Federal Programs Office Manager Brenda Palmer, the ASD Special Education Office Staff, & Mr. Randy Dobbins played a pivotal role by providing essential supplies for student activities. Their commitment to the cause exemplifies the collaborative effort required to create an inclusive and supportive environment for special needs students.

SPARK, comprised of parents, teachers, administrators, and community partners, is a powerful force advocating for the remarkable special needs students in the Alcorn School District. The organization's mission is clear: to equip these students with real-world skills and foster a community of lifelong support.

In essence, the SPARK Christmas event was not just a celebration of the holiday season but a testament to the power of community collaboration and advocacy. It showcased the beauty of coming together to make a positive impact on the lives of special needs students and their families. As we reflect on this heartening event, it serves as a reminder that every child, regardless of their abilities, deserves to experience the magic of the holiday season and the unwavering support of their community.