2024 ASD Honor Choir

The Alcorn School District (ASD) showcased its remarkable talent through the annual ASD Honor Choir performance, featuring a select group of students from grades 3-6 across three ASD campuses. This year's choir, comprised of approximately 70 young vocalists from Alcorn Central, Biggersville, and Kossuth, delivered an uplifting message through their music, emphasizing empowerment, perseverance, positivity, and the motivational power of music.

Under the guidance of dedicated music teachers Nancy Harvell, Jana Matlock, Tina Downs, and Kristen Cook, the students embarked on an intensive preparation journey. With 14 hours of rehearsal on Friday and Saturday, these young performers mastered not just the melodies but also choreography and musical accompaniment for 8-10 diverse pieces. The result was a captivating 40-minute performance that not only showcased their vocal prowess but also their ability to engage and move an audience.

This year's theme centered around songs of empowerment, carefully chosen to inspire both the choir members and their audience to embrace challenges, maintain a positive outlook, and find motivation through music. The performance was not just a display of talent but a call to action, urging everyone to explore new avenues, persist through hardships, and adopt a cheerful disposition in life's journey.

In addition to the public performance on a Sunday afternoon, the Honor Choir had a special show for approximately 750 students and staff members from the participating schools on Monday morning. This school performance was particularly memorable as the choir involved the audience in learning a piece of music and choreography, transforming the event into an interactive and joyous celebration. This engagement created an atmosphere of excitement and inclusion, allowing over 800 individuals to partake in the thrill of music and dance.

The ASD Honor Choir is a highlight of the district's annual calendar, occuring the first weekend in March each year in order to coincide with the nationwide celebration of "Music in Our Schools" month. This initiative underscores the importance of music education and its impact on students' development, creativity, and well-being.

The success of this year's Honor Choir is a testament to the hard work of the students and their teachers, and a reflection of the district's commitment to fostering musical talent and enriching the educational experience through the arts. As the ASD Honor Choir continues to inspire and entertain, it serves as a powerful reminder of how music can uplift spirits, unite communities, and empower individuals to face life's challenges with courage and joy.

***The Alcorn School District would like to offer a sincere and special note of appreciation to Oakland Baptist Church for hosting this year’s ASD Honor Choir activities.***