2024 Quest T-shirt Design Winners

In a showcase of creativity and innovation, Quest students across the Alcorn School District participated in a spirited T-Shirt Design Contest, centered around the theme of the ASD academically gifted ‘Quest’ program. The competition aimed to foster a blend of creativity, critical thinking, and a deep understanding of the Quest program's six core competencies: Thinking Skills, Creativity, Information Literacy, Success Skills, Affective Skills, and Communication. Participants were also tasked with weaving in chess elements, representative of the beloved ASD annual Quest chess tournament, and representing each of the Alcorn School District schools within their designs.

After a thorough review by an independent external panel of judges, the Alcorn School District is thrilled to announce the winners of this year's ASD Quest T-Shirt Design Contest:

First Place: Meade Dickerson, a 6th grade; Alcorn Central Middle School

Second Place: Zoey Kelly, a 3rd grade; Kossuth Elementary School

Third Place: Emmett Taylor, a 4th grade; Kossuth Elementary School

The Alcorn School District extends heartfelt congratulations to Meade, Zoey, and Emmett for their outstanding achievements and thanks all participants for their hard work and creativity. These designs not only highlight the immense talent within our schools but also underscore the importance of the Quest program in fostering well-rounded, critical thinkers ready to face the challenges of tomorrow.

The winning t-shirt design will be produced and made available to Quest students within the district, serving as a proud emblem of the creativity, unity, and spirit of the Alcorn School District.

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