EJ Donahue and Kross Moore

Project-based assessments are great tools to utilize in any classroom. Mrs. Lorilyn Thompson of Kossuth High School incorporates may activities in her United States History class throughout the year.

The final project of the semester revolves around taking previously acquired historical knowledge and using it to create an imaginary theme park. The students are required to build their park around one era of importance taken from the course.

They must create a name for their park along with themed rides, restaurants, and roaming characters. Each one must be accompanied with a description related to the historical time period. To complete the project, students must draw a park map or create some type of representation of the park.

Our Kossuth students relish the opportunity to engage their creativity and knowledge while showcasing their learning and talent. As so often is the case, our students go above and beyond, because they enjoy the challenge of thinking “outside the box” and achieving success.

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