School Board Appreciation Week | Judd Chapman

This week is Mississippi School Board Appreciation Week. We want to take each day to recognize one of our five wonderful board members!

Alcorn School District would like to recognize Mr. Judd Chapman for his service to the students, teachers, and families of the Alcorn School District. Mr. Chapman is a long time resident of Alcorn Country where he also owns a local business. He has always enjoyed being able to give back to his community.

He has been a member of the board for three years and is thankful to represent the people of the 5th District. Mr. Chapman was recently elected to serve as Board President by his fellow board members. He is a graduate of Kossuth High School and the University of Mississippi. His favorite part about the Alcorn School District is the level of community involvement in our area schools and the level of dedication our teachers have to their students.

Thank you Mr. Chapman for your service!