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Alcorn School District wants to thank its many retirees! Each year, the staff and students of our great district have to say goodbye to so many wonderful people as they end their career and begin retirement. 

This year, seventeen ASD employees started their retirement after serving a combined total of 479.25 years in the education system. Each year represents the hundreds of lives that these dedicated people have changed. These fine men and women were recognized at the June Board Meeting and were given a plaque showcasing their service to the students, staff, and community members of the Alcorn School District. 

Please help us in showing our appreciation to all of these superb educators!

Alcorn Central Elementary School

Janet Chism, Teacher - 10.25 years

Shelby Emerson, Teacher - 28 years

Dinah Feazell, Teacher Assistant - 23 years

Ginger Hancock, Teacher - 34 years

Alcorn Central Middle School

Cindy Mitchell, Teacher Assistant - 20 years

Alcorn Central High School

Travis Basden, Maintenance - 23 years

Ginger Lancaster, Teacher - 28.5 years

Darla Nash, Teacher - 30 years

Biggersville High School

Mollie Nunley, Teacher Assistant - 28 years

Stan Platt, Teacher - 36 years

Kossuth Elementary School

Mary Ann Johnson, Teacher - 28 years

Teresa Mercer, Teacher - 28.5 years

Kossuth Middle School

Mike Kimmons, Teacher - 38 years

Rhonda Mullins, Teacher - 25 years

Kossuth High School

Sherilyn Haley, Teacher - 28 years

Alcorn Career & Technology Center

Dennis Deaton, Teacher - 40 years

Steve Shaw, Teacher - 31 years

Thank you for your service all these years!!