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LIVE from Los Angeles! Join Josh Ochs for a LIVE Zoom presentation that will teach you how your student can thrive online with a safe, balanced screen time approach

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25 Dangers Parents Need To Know About TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Fortnite, Netflix, YouTube & More

Free Parent Night: Sponsored by The Foundation

Who: All parents who want to know the dangers of the top 5 apps
What: A 45 minute engaging parent night LIVE presentation with Josh Ochs and the team at
How: Join free via Zoom LINK

You will learn about:
-TikTok's privacy issues and how it impacts your family
-Snapchat features that help predators locate your student 
-Instagram's hidden accounts some students use
-How Fortnite can cause anger and anxiety in students
-Common Netflix addiction issues with students
-YouTube screen time issues and how to limit screen time

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