Important Announcement

Dear Parents and Guardians of the Alcorn School District,

 This week’s Covid numbers reflect some of the highest positivity rates we have experienced since the beginning of the pandemic. This Omicron variant is proving to be very contagious. 

Our teachers, assistant teachers, nurses, and principals are doing their very best to keep all of our schools open during this medical crisis.  Our janitorial staff is doing their very best to keep all high touch surfaces sanitized.  Everyone has been more than willing to cover classes and pitch in whenever a teacher is absent. 

 However, there comes a point when we may not have enough adults to safely keep a school open.  We are not anticipating any school closures today, but we feel it is important our parents and guardians are aware of the possibility of school closures and have a plan in the event we are forced to close a school.  Masks are highly encouraged.  Collective responsibility will hopefully help us keep our schools open.  As always, our priority is the health and safety of our staff and students.

 Thank you for your support.  

Brandon Quinn


Alcorn School District