Honor Choir

Dear Parents,

We have the special opportunity to showcase the musical talents of the children in the Alcorn County School District. March is “National Music in Our Schools Month” and we would like to take this time to involve our students from grades three through six in a county-wide Alcorn School District Honor Choir. Our concert is on Sunday, March 6. The presentation is free to the public, but donations will be accepted. 

Rehearsals and performances for this event will be hosted at The Corinth Coliseum.  (The Saturday rehearsal will be held at an alternate location to be determined.) Auditions will be held at each school. Music teachers will be at Kossuth Elementary and Middle Schools on February 1, Biggersville Elementary on February 2, and Alcorn Central Elementary and Middle Schools on February 3. THERE WILL BE NO MAKE-UP AUDITIONS. The closed audition consists of singing “Happy Birthday” while being accompanied on the piano, echo-singing, echo-clapping, and a movement activity. There is nothing your child will have to prepare.

 **If your child is selected to be a part of the choir, it will require:

-a Friday rehearsal, March 4, from 8:30 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.*

-a Saturday rehearsal, March 5, @ location to be determined  

-the Sunday concert, March 6, at 2:00 p.m.

-the Monday school concerts, March 7 at times to be determined

Transportation to and from the Saturday rehearsal and the Sunday public concert must be arranged by the parent.  *School buses will be used only for the morning of the Friday rehearsal and to and from the Monday performances.   If selected to be a part of this group, there is a $15 participation fee.  **Students can and will be dismissed from the choir for tardiness, absences, or misbehavior.  It takes much self-discipline and hard work.  Please discuss this with your child. Be absolutely certain that you are able to make this kind of commitment to this choir. There are a limited amount of spaces. If someone decides halfway through that they would rather not be involved, then that place is lost.  Another student could have enjoyed the experience.  We ask that you consider this carefully.

We, as music teachers, want to foster a love of music in our students that will never die. We would like to encourage ALL students in grades three through six to audition for this event. While honor choir is a wonderful way to enhance talent and to express music on a deeper level, it is also a tool for students to get acquainted and make long lasting friendships with students from other schools. We hope you will encourage your child to be a part of this great event. If so, please complete and return the permission slip on the following pageThis form must be returned to your music teacher by January 28.


Mrs. Kristen Cook, BES

Mrs. Tina Price Downs, ACES

Mrs. Nancy Harvell, KES

Ms. Jana Matlock, ACMS

Click here for the permission slip: https://5il.co/14ud3