Ethan Kimbrough

Senior Ethan Kimbrough has been selected to the MS State Superintendent’s Student Advisory Council.  Selected students in grades 11-12 or first year of college serve as members of the State Superintendent’s Advisory Council for a term of two school years. The council’s purpose is to provide a forum for Mississippi’s students to offer diverse perspectives to the State Superintendent of Education. The selected students will act as liaisons between the Mississippi Department of Education and public school students from across the state. 

Kimbrough, an honor student at KHS with a 4.0 GPA and an ACT superscore of 34, is an avid swimmer competing with the Shockwave Aquatics Team in Tupelo, MS and is deeply involved in multiple leadership activities including the Mississippi Swimming Athletes Committee, the Alcorn County Community Connections Mentoring Program, the Vex Robotics Team, the ASD Superintendent’s Leadership Team, the National Honor Society, and the US Naval Sea Cadet Program.

During his tenure on the State Superintendent’s Advisory Council, Kimbrough hopes to stress the importance of “developing plans to provide every student with the same chance to succeed and reach their full potential regardless of the school that they attend by ensuring all youth have access to the same educational and extracurricular programs.”

Kimbrough says, “I feel that I can provide valuable insight on the issues facing my local district as well as creative solutions that they have implemented. I have had the chance to experience some of these issues firsthand, and I believe this has provided me with the passion to ensure that every student has equal opportunities regardless of their background or size of their school. Although some schools, including my own, are small and may not receive as much funding as others, it is still important that each area of the state has a voice to express the concerns of the district, as well as share the ways each district is excelling.”

Students from different backgrounds, school sizes and regions in Mississippi will be able to share their opinions and offer advice about educational opportunities and policy in Mississippi with the state superintendent of education. Kimbrough believes his educational experiences make him an ideal candidate to serve on this council. “I have attended schools in two different districts within the state, and I was homeschooled during my early elementary years, so I have multiple different perspectives on the education system in Mississippi. This gives me the insight to compare the excellence in certain areas of each school with the shortcomings in others.”

Following graduation from Kossuth in the Spring, Kimbrough hopes “to attend the United States Coast Guard Academy to major in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering. If not offered an appointment at the Academy, I plan to attend a Maritime Academy to major in the same program and later commission into the USCG.” Ultimately, Kimbrough hopes to become a search and rescue helicopter pilot.

We asked a few of Ethan’s former teachers to share some thoughts regarding his accomplishments and time in their class. Mrs. Connie Blackard, Ethan's advanced math and calculus teacher, said she was privileged to have had him in her classes. "Ethan is a wonderful student who is mature, polite, helpful, and just a joy to have in the classroom. He is so smart. If I was grading his test and thought he missed something, which rarely happened, I had to be sure that I wasn't the one who missed it! He always did everything I asked, and more. I wish him all the best in his future endeavors."

As a military wife and mother, Mrs. Donnita Ginn, Kimbrough's Algebra I teacher, was elated to hear that Ethan had future plans of joining the the Coast Guard. She shared, "I was impressed with Ethan early on. Not only is he a scholar with analytical thinking, Ethan is very kind and humble. But when he told this military wife/mom that he wanted to join the Coast Guard, and, saying this as a 9th grader, I knew Ethan would accomplish many wonderful goals in his life."

Mrs. Vicki Jones, Ethan's Spanish teacher, said, “Every so often, as a teacher, you have a special student who truly embraces Seneca's adage: ‘Non scholæ sed vitæ discimus.’ Translated, this phrase describes Ethan Kimbrough: ‘We do not learn for school, but for life.’ Whether or not a class applies to his future major or life goals, Ethan uses every class as an opportunity to not only increase his knowledge, but to expand his view of the world around him. There is nothing more energizing as a teacher than to have a student like Ethan whose participation and enthusiasm encourages and challenges you, who literally validates the importance of what you do every day. He brings energy to the classroom, as well as a positive attitude and a truly kind and cooperative spirit. With these attributes, combined with his high academic standards and abilities, Ethan not only leaves KHS with an education in which he has also taken his share of the responsibility, but he also leaves behind a better, more positive place through his personal influence. It has been a privilege, Ethan."

Kossuth High School is so proud of Ethan. He serves as a shining example for current and future students, showcasing what is possible through hard work and determination. We look forward to witnessing the positive impact he will undoubtedly make in his new role on the MS State Superintendent's Student Advisory Council. Way to go, Ethan!