Back (left to right): Anna Greenlee, Paige Benjamin, Addy Burse, Riley Becvar)

On March 27, the Kossuth Winter Guard placed second in their division and third overall at the Indoor Winter Guard championships. Their group of seven amazing high school girls has been working on their performance for months. This performance includes dancing, moving into formations, and working with six-foot flagpoles, wooden rifles, and metal sabers. They were led byCoaches Dianne Cole and Amy Porterfield, Captain Erin Irvin, and Co-Captains Kaleigh Martin and Lilly Feathers.  Other members include Riley Becvar, Addy Burse, Paige Benjamin, and Anna Greenlee.

The girls have competed in several competitions this season, including one at Northeast Community College, where they placed first. There routine this year included “In Case You Don’t Live Forever.” Weapon line with rifles included Erin Irvin, Kaleigh Martin, Lilly Feathers, and Anna Greenlee . Flag line included the entire squad: Erin Irvin, Kaleigh Martin, Lilly Feathers, Anna Greenlee, Addy Burse, Riley Becvar, and Paige Benjamin. Congratulations to Dianne Cole, Amy Porterfield, and the rest of the 2021 Kossuth Winter Guard.