Football Workouts canceled for the remainder of the week. See y’all next week in the weight room at 8:00! WE ARE AC!
6 days ago, Travis Smith
Reminder - ACMS Football interest & informational meeting today in cafeteria @6:00pm for parents & players - WE ARE AC!
8 days ago, Travis Smith
We are excited to have Jesse Nelson as Head Football Coach at ACMS! - Interest & Informational meeting Monday, June 20th in cafeteria @6:00 pm for interested parents & players - Workouts for June & July will be discussed WE ARE AC!
13 days ago, Travis Smith
Jesse Nelson
AC Baseball Camp will be June 28 & 29 for upcoming 1st through 6th Grade students! Register Online: WE ARE AC!
19 days ago, Travis Smith
Summer is here but the planning never stops! - Mrs. Eaton will be at school 8:00-12:00 tomorrow (Friday) to help with any & all pre-registration or scheduling questions. WE ARE AC!
19 days ago, Travis Smith
Thank you to those who gave all!
about 1 month ago, Travis Smith
Those who gave all!
It has been an amazing year & it is now time for a little summer fun! Report Cards - Accessed through Active Parent now - OR picked up at the school office beginning Tuesday of next week Preregister - With Mrs. Eaton Tuesday-Friday of next week - And all summer long! Summer Hours - Monday thru Thursday 7:00-3:30 - Friday 7:00-12:00 WE ARE AC! Stay safe! Return refreshed & ready!
about 1 month ago, Travis Smith
The ACMS Art students completed the college wall today! 💜🤩
about 1 month ago, Meaghan Haynie
ACMS Art student 2
ACMS Art students
college wall 2
college wall
The art and face painting center for the ASD Special Olympics was a blast!! 🎨😊
about 1 month ago, Meaghan Haynie
coloring center 2
coloring center
school collaborative art
BOOM! Just like that...Next Week! Exams & Stuff! - Teachers will inform students of exemption status - Exams may not be taken early - Makeup exams Tuesday, May 24 @ 9:00am - Preregistration all week with Mrs. Eaton Monday - 8th Grade meeting with High School 8:00 - Special Olympics on AC Campus - Exam Review Tuesday - Exam Review - 7th Spirit Rings 12:00 Wednesday Exams - English 8:00 - Math 9:00 - History 10:00 - Makeups in the afternoon Thursday Exams - Science 8:00 - STEM 9:00 - Cyber/PLTW 10:00 - Makeups in the afternoon Friday - Makeups 8:00 WE ARE AC! Almost There!
about 2 months ago, Travis Smith
7th Grade’s Historical Trip
about 2 months ago, Meaghan Haynie
group shot
7th Grade Trip!
about 2 months ago, Travis Smith
WEEK AHEAD! Monday - English State Test, makeups & those who haven't tested - Middle School Baseball Tryouts Tuesday - Math/Science State Test, makeups & those who haven't tested - Chorus/Band presentations Wednesday - 7th & 8th Grade Field Trips Thursday - DARE Graduation for 5th Grade, 8:30-9:30 - 5th & 6th Grade Field Trips - Academic Awards, 6:00pm in HS Gym Friday - BEAR DAY! Exams are scheduled for May 18, 19, 20. WE ARE AC! Almost There!!
about 2 months ago, Travis Smith
THE WEEK AHEAD! - Testing Continues - Charge those iPads - Challenge 'em to be their best Monday - 5th/6th Math - ACHS Color Guard Tryouts Tuesday - 7th/8th Math - ACHS Color Guard Tryouts Wednesday - 5th/6th English 2 Writing - ACMS Girls Basketball Tryouts Thursday - 7th/8th English 2 Writing - ACMS Girls Basketball Tryouts Friday - ACMS Guys Basketball Tryouts - ACHS Color Guard Tryouts WE ARE AC! Show Up & Show Out!!
about 2 months ago, Travis Smith
Students & teachers likely feel like the images...tired & excited for Friday! - 7th/8th English tomorrow (Friday) - Charge those iPads Show Up & Show Out! Upcoming Events! May 11 (Wednesday) - Reward Field Trips for 7th/8th May 12 (Thursday) - 5th Grade Dare Recognition, 8:30 am in HS Gym - Reward Field Trips for 5th/6th - ACADEMIC Awards, 6:00 pm in HS Gym May 13 (Friday) - ACMS Bear Day! - Athletic Recognition 2:00 May 16 (Monday) - Special Olympics on AC Campus May 18-20 - Exams WE ARE AC! Summer is Near!
2 months ago, Travis Smith
One of our classes threw an awesome surprise birthday party for our 29 year old (really?) AWESOME custodian - Karen Borden - Happy Birthday Karen - WE ARE AC!
2 months ago, Travis Smith
Pretzel Sticks Fundraiser for St. Jude. Please be sure all money is turned in by Friday. We will announce winners next week!!
2 months ago, Travis Smith
Testing pressure for our students can be lessened if they have a fully charged iPad when they arrive - Please help us at home these next few days to lighten the load on students and teachers by making sure they are charged overnight - WE ARE AC!
2 months ago, Travis Smith
Needless to say, there is plenty to get done between now & May 20th! - Keep pushing your/our students to be their best! Rewards Letters are coming (or have been sent) home to encourage our students to be & do their best on our upcoming State Tests. Please read the letters carefully & encourage students at home also. - There will be rewards for consistent effort this school year AND for performance in August. Scores aren't announced until July. We are so glad teachers & students are getting a chance to finish well & enjoy some time away from school (if rewarded). Positive teacher/student relationships are at the core of what we want ACMS to be! This will be a great time to build on that core belief. Monday - VB Tryouts - HS Football Info Meet (8th only) Tuesday - 5th Science Testing - VB Tryouts - Golden Voices Clinic (5th/6th) Wednesday - 8th Science Testing - Golden Voices Clinic (5th/6th) Thursday - English State Testing (5th/6th) - Spirit Ring Delivery (7th Grade) - Golden Voices Clinic & Performance Friday - English State Testing (7th/8th) I feel sure I missed something, but gave it my best shot. HS has ACMS students also with baseball, track and tennis! WE ARE AC! We got this!!
2 months ago, Travis Smith
Next week starts the required state tests that the ACMS students have been studying for all year. Please take time to jot down your student’s test days to make sure they are prepared to do their very best on those days. They need adequate rest the night before and encouragement. Practice reading, math problems/formulas, scientific terms, and generally going through binders and iPads to review necessary test material. This will give your student an “I can do this” attitude and ease test anxiety. May God bless them all! Go Bears!!💜💛
2 months ago, Meaghan Haynie
8th graders
Quinn’s home room
test schedule
7th graders