5th Grade Oil Pastel Spotlight: James Suggs, Rexlee Michael, Payton Franks, Skyler Cox
1 day ago, Meaghan Haynie
James Suggs
Rex Michael
Payton Franks
Skylar Cox
6th grade took advantage of the beautiful weather to help clean up.. Mrs.Moore
3 days ago, Meaghan Haynie
6th Grade Leaves
The Book fair will still be going on through tomorrow!!
3 days ago, Meaghan Haynie
book fair
Happy Thanksgiving to All!
13 days ago, Travis Smith
From the classroom of Shelby Kirk: The past couple days we have focused on life skills. From shopping at Gardners to preparing a whole thanksgiving feast. It is my desire as an educator to ensure that we have a balance of academics and functional life skills. - Shelby Kirk
18 days ago, Meaghan Haynie
Shelby 4
Shelby 3
Shelby 2
Shelby 1
Wishing everyone a Happy & Safe Thanksgiving! - Thanks for sending those kiddos to school today - It was a great day to be a Golden Bear - Everyone back on November 28th Check our Facebook Page for pix! https://www.facebook.com/alcorncentralmiddle WE ARE AC!
19 days ago, Travis Smith
These 5th graders took on the 5th grade math Turkey challenge. They completed 5 challenging math task to help save Tom the Turkeys feathers! 🦃 Mrs. Harrison
19 days ago, Meaghan Haynie
5th Grade Math Turkeys 🦃
Reminders! Almost Thanksgiving, but not quite! - School All Day Friday / Testing & Attendance is taken - 5th / 6th Football tonight - NO After School Tutoring today - No School next week for Thanksgiving / Deer Season - Back on November 28th!
20 days ago, Travis Smith
Attention: Book Fair ACMS Library will be hosting a Scholastic Book Fair from Nov. 28th - Dec. 2nd. Please remember your middle school student may desire to make a purchase. Here is the link to view all the items: https://bookfairsfiles.scholastic.com/flippingbooks/booklists/F22-2/F22-2-MS-Case-Booklist/F22_2_MS_Case_Booklist.html
20 days ago, Meaghan Haynie
Book Fair
We are having our first Yearbook Sale for the 2023 ACMS Yearbook. Those order forms will be sent home this week and are due no later that December 5th. The online platform allows you to order past the paper sale dates, but increases in cost past February. ALSO 8th grade BABY photos for the Yearbook are due no later than January 15th. Turn into Mrs. Johnson. (Small printed photo to add to the collage before Parent Pages)
22 days ago, Meaghan Haynie
December Sale
8th Grade Baby Pictures
Congratulations to our 2022 ACMS Teacher of the Year, Mrs. Diane Beck!! More information to come in our news articles.
22 days ago, Meaghan Haynie
2022 Teacher of the Year Mrs. Diane Beck
Art Class Spotlight: Traditional SpongeBob By Colton McClure
26 days ago, Meaghan Haynie
Colton Sponge 🧽
Mrs. Moore’s 6th grade working on order of operations through a scavenger hunt outside.
26 days ago, Meaghan Haynie
Moore 3
Moore 2
Moore 1
6th Grade winning Dress Up Sponge Art 🧽
about 1 month ago, Meaghan Haynie
sponge 4
sponge 3
sponge 2
sponge 1
All ACMS sweatshirt order forms are due tomorrow! Friday the 4th of November
about 1 month ago, Meaghan Haynie
ACMS Sweat Shirt
ACMS Sweat Shirt Order Form
The ACMS Art Department would like to recognize 6th grader, Scarlett Watson, for her honorable mention artwork from the 2022 Youth Wildlife Art Contest: “No Trash Catfish” It is featured in the Mississippi Outdoors magazine 💜💛
about 1 month ago, Meaghan Haynie
wildlife 3
wildlife 2
wildlife 1
6th grade Math completing a scavenger hunt on percentages.
about 1 month ago, Meaghan Haynie
6th math scavenger quest
5th and 6th Grade charcoal art landscapes 💜💛 They are doing an excellent job!!
about 1 month ago, Meaghan Haynie
charcoal art 3
charcoal art 2
charcoal art 1
Here are the 7th grade winners of the Character Day Contest! 💜💛
about 1 month ago, Meaghan Haynie
character day winners 7th
Big Shout out to Brylon and Brandon for helping disassemble the art show today!! Art Class appreciates you!! 😊
about 1 month ago, Meaghan Haynie
art show helpers