Business and Marketing Team Building Exercise

School is off to a great start here at ACTC, and our first two weeks have been packed with excitement and learning!  As our students settled into their courses, many teachers began the year with team building and getting to know one another exercises.  We always get excited about meshing together students from all three of our high schools, giving students the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends. After schedule changes were complete, orientation meetings for students began.  One thing that students learned about during these meetings was which student organizations are available to them on our campus.

Some of our FFA students are off and running doing some preliminary preparations for contest participation while learning about partnering with the local 4-H Chapter to take advantage of more agriculture related opportunities.  Our Construction and Carpentry classes have began their year by completing the first step in their National Certifications by taking the NCCER Baseline Assessment, and all of our classes have been focusing on safety procedures.  

Our business partners and community supporters have also been by the center in full swing!Several instructors were thrilled to meet and partner with Oil-Dri this year to offer an internship opportunity for students on our campus.  Several of our classes have already brought in guest speakers, so be on the lookout for articles highlighting these visits that include: Shae Downs from the US Army National Guard, several former students Health Science Graduates who are currently employed in the medical field, our local 4-H Extension Agent, and even Mr. Jim Gaines, a multi-Grammy winning music producer!  

We are looking forward to an exciting year!  Check back often to see what we are up to!