Chylencia Phelan, Jasmine Lee, Jamie Smith, Brittany Michael

Current Health Science students were recently visited by former Health Science students in Mrs. Tila Johnson's class at ACTC.  Instructor Tila Johnson thought it would be exciting to invite some of her former students back to speak with her classes about their career
experiences since they have completed high school.  Often when people hear
"Health Sciences," they think of the nursing profession; however, Mrs. Johnson's students often go on to major and work in a vast variety of medical settings.  

Of the seven guest speakers invited, there were several fields represented including: nurses, athletic training, respiratory therapy, veterinary medicine, social work, biology and kinesiology. The former students also represented a variety of education levels from current students
working on completing their first degree to professionals who had earned and were using advanced degrees in medicine.  The students had received degrees from Northeast Mississippi Community College, Northwest Mississippi Community College, Ole Miss, Mississippi College, and Mississippi University for Women.  The current students enjoyed hearing about all of the different fields, college options and education levels represented, and they were able to ask individualized questions of the speakers and network with potential future colleagues.