Business and Culinary Students Practice Skills

As the workforce changes, there has been more buzz in industry to focus on a mixture of both hard and soft skills in the workforce.  Two ACTC classes teamed up this week to practice just that.  Mrs. Skylar Mincey's Business and Marketing fourth block class just finished up their unit on etiquette, which revolves around the soft skills of communication, manners, listening and getting along with others.  A specific focus in the unit is dining etiquette, so they decided to put their lesson into practice by having a business luncheon.

That is when the Business/Marketing students teamed up with Mrs. Tara Lauderdale's Culinary Arts classes.  Mrs. Lauderdale's students hosted the group from Mrs. Mincey's class.  Business/Marketing students were greeted, seated and placed orders from a menu provided by Mrs. Lauderdale's students.  Culinary students then prepared, plated and served the food, which are all considered hard skills taught in Culinary Arts.  They then practiced soft skills of their own by working together in the kitchen area while preparing the meals and by exhibiting good communication skills to make sure the expectations and needs of the customers were met.