Mark Jacobs, Oil-Dri and Elijah Hodum, ACTC

Recently Mark Jacobs of Oil-Dri in Ripley inquired about the possibility of Oil-Dri partnering with ACTC to give up to three students a chance to apply for an internship with their company.  In order to qualify for the internship, students would be nominated by instructors in fields approved by Oil-Dri, go through multiple rounds of interviews, and ultimately be chosen by Oil-Dri management.  The internship itself has a starting salary of 18 dollars an hour, allows the internist to work up to 28 hours per week, provides training in a variety of departments in the Oil-Dri Corporation and has an option to pay for continuing education in a related Career & Technical field.  ACTC was excited to nominate five students to be considered for this internship and very proud that Mr. Elijah Hodum, a Kossuth Senior was chosen.  Mr. Jacobs was on the ACTC campus last Friday to take part in a Signing Day for Elijah hosted by the center.