Demetria Wallace speaking with Biggersville Eighth Grade Students

Early Recruitment

This year Student Service Coordinators are starting out early on recruitment efforts for students, especially for Nontraditional students.  Mrs. Melanie Lee, counselor and Mrs. Duncan and Mr. Langston, 7th and 8th grade English teachers at Biggersville Junior High were gracious enough to let one of our nontraditional student speak to their classes.  Demetria Wallace, a tenth grade ACTC construction student, talked with students about being the only girl in her construction class.  She shared how much she was learning, projects she will be involved in and the benefits of being a nontraditional student.  She told them that she is enjoying her time at the center and is learning skills that she will use for a lifetime.  She let the students know that she is planning on attending again next year.  While there she passed out flyers for the center, and the students also learned about our Student Services program and how this service helps students be successful in their vocational program as well as in academic classes1. Thank you Demetria and Biggersville teachers for this opportunity to promote ACTC.  We would also like to encourage parents if they have any questions about our programs to contact, Robert or Joyce Suitor at 662-286-7727.