SkillsUSA Competitors
Making a PB & J Sandwich
Shea Downs Lines Up a Tire on the Machine
4th Block Students line up for Perfect Attendance & Student of the Quarter Rewards
Mrs. Erica Melvin and Mrs. Nan Nethery
Federation Competition Yields Winners
Mrs. Nan Nethery and Destiny Ozbirn
Items Donated to ACE Employees
Tim Bradley and Elijah Hodum load Oil-Dri Donation
Destiny Ozbirn speaks with the Alcorn County Retired Educators
Air Evac Visit
Business and Marketing Students
Elijah Hodum  poses for a picture with his MCEF Student of the Month Certificate
Mrs. Parsons and her Polymer Science Students Win the ACTC Community Service Trophy
Mark Jacobs, Oil-Dri and Elijah Hodum, ACTC
Business and Culinary Students Practice Skills
Chylencia Phelan, Jasmine Lee, Jamie Smith, Brittany Michael
Metal Fabrication Students Visit Contract Fabrications Inc.
Private Shea Downs
Business and Marketing Team Building Exercise