Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy

Friday started a new experience for several students at Alcorn Central High School. We were able, with the help of Owner/Operator David Rodgers, kickoff the Chick-fil-A Leadership Academy for chosen students in grades 9-12.

This was a great opportunity sponsored by our local Corinth Chick-fil-A that each area High School will get to participate in. Each month, students gather to learn timeless leadership principles through lessons that we call Leader Labs. Taught in a relevant and engaging way, these Leader Labs give students the practical tools needed to make a positive impact in their local communities. 

Twenty-six ACHS students were able to come together in the College & Career Center on campus to respond to some engaging activities that ACHS Program Coordinator Ms. Rhonda Burton had planned. Students learned to swallow their fears even when it is hard in order to accomplish their goals. She had students use the bean booze jelly beans as a way to demonstrate this. Many laughs were had at the faces being made when students ate the less than desirable jelly beans.

This months service project involved education. Students prepared grade-level reading books with a leadership centered focus for all students at Alcorn Central Elementary School and every single special needs class on our campus. This was a great opportunity for so many of our students to connect to the young leaders and create a positive environment that exemplifies leadership.

In addition to the leader activity and service project, these students were given special thank you cards that contained a free Chick-fil-A gift to give to a teacher who has shown them how to grow as a leader and has encouraged them to reach their goals.

We are proud of all of these students and look forward to seeing the example they will be setting in our school and community!