Preview of an article that was published in the Daily Corinthian that was written by retired ACHS teacher Rebecca Lewis.

Brandon Quinn and Gracie Moody are well known names and faces among the Alcorn Central community. 

Mr. Quinn is the principal at ACHS, and Gracie is the great, big smiling face in Mrs. Anna’s room.

Former English teacher, Rebecca Lewis, is a freelance writer with the Daily Corinthian Newspaper. She recently had an article published on the front page with the leading picture of Quinn and Moody. The heading said ‘Lots of Heart’ and focused on the passion and accomplishments of Quinn’s career. 

When we think ACHS, Moody and Quinn are definitely a big part of what we think. Mr. Quinn worked with students with special needs early in his career. Gracie was one of the first students he had the chance to work with.

Since then, the bond between the two has only grown stronger. 

You can see Gracie around AC giving hugs, cracking jokes, or leading the pledge in the morning.

We are super thankful to have such great people as a part of the AC community.

To see more on the article about Mr. Quinn, please visit the Daily Corinthian website or contact Rebecca Lewis.