hydrate lab

Students in Mrs. Long’s chemistry classes conducted an experiment today to show the chemical changes in property and mass by burning of liquid content. The title of the experiment was Hydrate Lab.

Objective: The objective of this experiment is to determine the number of moles of water attached to one mole of copper sulfate, in the hydrate CuSO4 * XH2O.

Theory: When ionic solids crystallize from aqueous solutions, they combine with a certain amount of water, which becomes part of the crystalline solid. Salts that contain water as part of their crystal structure are called hydrates. The water portion of a hydrate is specifically called the water of hydration. When the water of hydration is removed from the hydrate, the salt that remains is said to be anhydrous (without water).

Students had to wear safety equipment, lab equipment such as a scale and forceps, and the bunsen burners. Lab partners worked together to identify the change of physical and chemical properties in this lab experiment. 

We are always happy to see students engage in their studies and witness #LearninginACtion!