Learning in action - jelly making

Teaching is a family affair at ACHS. Many of our teachers were inspired by family members that spent time in the classroom. Their legacy and effect on our teachers is of great importance. Some of our students recently got the chance to experience part of that legacy with a special guest teacher in one of our classrooms.

Mrs. Holt's English III classes are currently studying the Transcendentalist Movement.  They have read two essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson, "Nature" and "Self-Reliance".  They connected the mid-19th century ideas to the current ideas of "tiny homes" and "living off the grid".    Mrs. Judy M. Hales, a 30-plus veteran of the Memphis City School System, and Mrs. Holt's mother, came to demonstrate an example of food preservation by teaching the class how to make jelly from fruit juice.  She also shared stories of her youth about making ends meet by growing food for the family, and creating new recipes when other ingredients were scarce.

School is so much more fun when our great teachers bring learning to life! We want to say a special thank you to Mrs. Hales for giving our students her time and attention during this unit of study. We know that our students will remember this for a very long time.

Here are some more examples of #learninginACtion!

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