veterans day cover photo

We open everyday of school with the pledge, mission statement, and school values over the intercom. Today was no different. Mrs. Williams and Coach Mask, with the help of the ACHS Boys Basketball Team, lead the school this morning in the pledge to the United States flag, recited our school mission statement, and called out our values and beliefs and BEARS. Coach Mask then shared with our students and teachers a little bit about Veteran's Day and how we should remember the brave service of the members of our armed forces as we interact with members of our own teams. After all, we have been promoting Teamwork as our CKH character trait of the month.

Take a look below and what encouraging words were shared with our students this morning as we honor all the individuals who have worn the uniform to protect our great nation!

Morning Veteran's Day Announcement:

G.K. Chesterton once said, “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.”

Today is Veteran’s Day, a day where we stand to remember those brave men and women who put themselves on the front lines in order to protect our freedoms. It is our honor and privilege to personally thank those fine individuals. If you see Coach Nelson today, please remember to thank him for his military service as a part of the United States Army and show your appreciation to all of those who have served this great nation.

As we reflect on a month focused on teamwork, I want you all to understand the level of respect and sacrifice it took for these men and women to lace up their boots, put on that uniform and stand for our freedom. It is because of those efforts that we may stand united as one team, the United States of America.

We may all look differently, feel differently, act differently, and believe differently but that is okay, for the same freedoms we secured with our independence in 1776 are the same ones we enjoy today. It is because of a veteran that we may enjoy those freedoms and be given an opportunity to express ourselves. Respect others by remembering the valiant service of the past and present members of our Armed Forces, for their desire is to continue to see an America united and not divided. I hope you can join me in saying this morning, I am Proud to be an American!


Go out and be good to the world & God Bless the USA!