Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. helped change lives in his day and far into the future. Today, we recognize his part in our nation’s history and salute all the work that he did to help mold our great nation. 

He stood by the idea that doing the right thing was always important no matter the time of day or year. This is an important thing that we try to teach our students. Doing the right thing in a world full of hate and terror can be hard and seem impossible, but there is always a need for those with courage to stand up and do what is seen as hard or impossible. Dr. King showed us that with passion, persistence, and patience anyone can change the world.

You can help us change the world for good by supporting our students, teachers, administrators, and support staff. There is a world of opportunities out there to make a difference. When an opportunity to make a difference presents itself, remember the words of Dr. King, “The time is always right to do what is right.”

Thank you for your work Dr. King. Today, we celebrate your legacy!