purple Pride band goes to Disney

Ms. Patterson and Ms. Matlock took our Purple Pride band to Disney World over the Easter Break. The students on this trip will not only be able to observe the musical enchantment of DisneyWorld but will have the chance to grow in character and leadership potential.

As a part of Disney’s Approach to Leadership Excellence, our student meet with members of the Dream Team at Epcot to go through some leadership training activities and to hear from Disney cast members on what leadership looks like in one of the worlds most recognizable destinations. Students were able to engage in all types of leadership concepts. 

Students were able to learn all the following things:

  • Identify the personal values that drive you as a leader
  • Create alignment between your personal values and vision and those of the business or team
  • Share a compelling vision for the future that drives action today
  • Understand the values-infused role of a leader in culture-building and team support
  • Sustain your organization's values and vision during times of change
  • Gain insight into establishing your own legacy as a leader
We look forward to hearing from all of our students when they return from their trip on the level of fun and learning they will have on this trip! Take a look below at some pictures from their experience and see one of Ms. Patterson and Ms. Matlock putting their hair down and enjoying some fun!

band bandband