paper mill tour
Today, Mr. Derrick’s Agriculture and Coach Mask’s Personal Finance & Computer Science students got to tour The Packaging Corporation of America (PCA) mill in Counce, TN. ACHS alum, Arnie Burcham, was our tour guide and amazed the whole group by showing what it takes to make the brown liner paper that goes in cardboard boxes. Janet Hannon shared her perspective as HR Soecialist, and April Cole gave  assisted with the tour as a member of the technical team.

Students also had the opportunity to hear a brief lesson on TVA’s Pickwick Dam. Students posed for a picture with the large underwater turbine model and learned the history and significance of the depression era project.

This was a great learning experience for so many of students. They were able to make real connections on employability skills, the necessity of forestry and quality in the paper industry, means of waste and supply/demand in economics, geographic and historical significance to our area, and automation in machinery through the use of technology. 

We appreciate all the great people that helped with our tour today and look forward to continuing our journey in creating students that are College & Career Ready. 

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