New Employee Spotlight for Marty Warren

We are excited to announce that Coach Marty Warren has been hired as our new Football coach for the 2022-2023 school year. 

Coach Warren comes to us from Bruce High School where he has served as defensive coordinator for the past three years. He brings with him a total of 24 years of coaching and teaching experience. In those years, he has served as assistant and head football coach, head powerlifting coach, head track coach, and has assisted baseball and softball teams in six different schools.

In those years coaching, he has been recognized for his hard work on and off the fields. He is the two time recipient of the Mississippi Association of Coaches Powerlifting Coach of the Year, two time National High School Athletic Coaches Association National Powerlifting Coach of the Year nominee, three time Daily Journal Powerlifting Coach of the Year, and five time award winner of the Class 4A Coach of the Year.

He has taught various classes in his tenure. He has taught courses in social studies, general science, physical education, health, home economics and family and consumer science. He is excited about joining the faculty at ACHS. The goal for his students is to achieve at their highest possible level. 

Beyond his goals for the football program statistically, he plans to create a competitive program that is grounded in a tough, physical, and disciplined style of play. His primary focus is to establish a culture of hard work and perseverance on the field and in the classroom which he believes will provide them with a number of tools they can use to be successful in their future endeavors. He added at the end, “And of course, we want to win games!”

We are looking forward to seeing Coach Warren in action under those Friday night lights!