AC Powerlifting


Alcorn Central High School tried its hand at Women's Powerlifting for the first time this year. The team showed to be pretty successful as they recently tested the waters in local competition. Coach Matthews and Coach King took their large group of 7th-12th grade girls to Pontotoc High School this past Friday, February 1st. Many girls showed great potential in their weight class. Two girls stood out in particular.

Sophomore Caitlyn Jones took home a gold medal after picking up 1st place at Friday's meet.

Sophomore Maddy McLemore brought home a nice bronze medal for her 3rd place finish.

Both girls competed in separate weight classes.

Caitlyn & Maddy will be moving forward to the next round of competition which will be held on February 23rd. This will be the North Half State Finals. A strong performance at North Half could put the girls on the road to the State Finals in Jackson. The location for North Half has not yet been announced.


Alcorn Central will be representing in Men's and Women's Powerlifting at North Half. We had four great guys make their mark and earn a spot on the awards stand. Coach Meeks was proud of the guy's performance against such skilled competition.

Harley Barnes got 1st Place in the 220 division.

James Scooter Williams got 1st Place in the 125 division.

Seth Jones received 3rd Place in the 148 division.

Toby Crum received 3rd Place in the 275 division.