FCA has Prayer Chain

Students and teachers at Alcorn Central High School joined hands and hosted their first ever Prayer Chain. The representatives of the ACHS Fellowship of Christian Athletes wanted to involve more teachers and students with FCA activities. The purpose of the Prayer Chain was simple: encourage teachers and students to be proud of declaring the word of the Lord.

The chain began in the high school lobby with FCA President John Mask. It stretched out of the lobby all the way down the hallway known as B-Wing by Alcorn Central students. The chain didn’t end there. Students and teachers stood interlocked through the doorway, down the breezeway, and all the way into the next building. Over 100 people were involved in the prayer chain.

Mask said, “It was an amazing experience! We had participated in prayer groups and prayer circles but never a prayer chain. I think that everyone really engaged in the activity including those who chose not to participate.”

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes is a student led organization that focuses on the development of a strong, positive relation with Jesus Christ. FCA is the most active club on campus. They meet every week on Wednesday. They often have bible related activities and guest speakers from the community.